Sunday, 18 January 2009

Anthoney Wright - Feet On The Ground 2009 – Palawan Records

This gentleman joins a growing swell of artists turning their back on today's brain-dead, childish and ephemeral R&B sounds and is seeking musical salvation in old fashioned values such as lyricism, melody and direction. The more I hear new music the more I feel like a wandering traveller in the 4th dimension...the sound of the 80s boogie scene one minute, the Philly sound the next and then pounding 60s grooves the next! Anthoney Wright turns to a strong 60s vibe in places here and a sound that should also appeal to those who like Van Hunt, Lenny Kravitz or Tommy Sims. Although you may not warm to every single track I can assure you that you will want this CD without hesitation. Very much his own man, Anthoney shows us that he has a solid understanding of what makes a tune tick, and provides ample example. In fact, Anthoney gives us one hell of a dancefloor anthem – a future anthem – and if this is NOT included on the Togetherness 2009 I shall be making some serious and wide-reaching enquiries! Lol. Seriously, that is how good this song is! Albums like this, to me, are a real pleasure.

Let me start with my favourite track – the said future anthem. “Reset To Zero” is a majestic slab of modern 60s Soul with all the right elements to make it a true monster. The tough, brassy edge and deep bassline will make the dancefloor seethe, heave and throb. This is yet another song which makes me quickly check to see what year it is on the calendar! Oddly enough, it's not 1968 but 2009! Will someone wake me?! Check it out. Amazing track. “Wud If I Cud” is a left-of-centre hard 60s groove with real edge and urgency. This reminds me of the harder sounds employed by Andy Lewis on his excellent “Billion Pound Project” a few years back on Acid Jazz. Excellent stuff. If you could see the smile on my face as I hear this CD...that's the exact power of Great Soul Music in action! “No Me Without You” is a good companion piece to this track and should also work well on more discerning dancefloors. The Southern, raw ballad feel of “I'm A Fool For You Now” reminds me – musically - so much of the gritty, big hitters such as Howard Tate or Solomon Burke. “Looking Through The Window” is a real winner too – who says they can't make music like they used to??? Also check the rumbling stomper “Tell Me How” which simply dominates the speakers. This is a bit on the poppy side – but hey! Look at how many of our heroes are loved and respected in the past for material such as this?!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe