Sunday, 25 January 2009

Millie Scott - Love Me Right 2008 / 1987 – Vinyl Masterpiece

This was a VERY collectible CD and has fetched tidy sums on ebay and the like, so it's great the PTG / Vinyl Masterpiece have done the decent thing and have reissued this album again on CD. It's a simple case of giving us what we really want. This classy 1987 album has always been a popular spin for me, and the uptempo cuts on here are the very peak of adult orientated soulful dance music in the 80s. Later that year Teddy Riley would sweep in with a harsher, brasher and less warm sound. Albums such as this were to dwindle and fade away. Until now, of course where the scales are beginning to tip. “Automatic” was a single and appears here in it's original album splendor as well as the extended 12” version which weighs in at six-and-a-half minutes. “Every Little Bit” always gets dug out in the Spring – reminds me of warm spring days, blue skies and colourful flowers! This song has such a lovely vibe; infectious and totally a song I cannot do without.

The ballad “Don't Take Your Love” still blows me away today – featuring Earl Klugh on guitar, the strings and atmosphere equals the classy work produced by her contemporaries, such as Regina Belle, Meli'sa Morgan, Peggi Blu and Vaneese Thomas. I really, truly, and genuinely miss this style of soul music and hope it makes a comeback. I've had more than a stomach full of this clomping urban stuff haven't you? Almost a clone of “Ev'ry Little Bit”, “Let's Talk It Over” does the business and so, too do the bonus tracks which are all the 12” mixes. “Ev'ry Little Bit”, “Automatic” and, for me, the lesser “Prisoner Of Love” is included here in full length remastered glory. Now you don't have to pay a king's ransom for a CD copy of this - easy to source and at a very reasonable price. What are you waiting for?

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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