Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Adam - Determination - 2005 - Music Montaj

Another top-draw album from 2005. There is a song on here - a very, very good song - called "Satisfaction Guaranteed". That really does some up my feelings about Adam McKnight and his splendid music. Vocally we are dealing with a real talent and I hear echoes of Luther Vandross, John Whitehead and even Barrington Scott Henderson. Every track is a winner but for me the show-stopper is the KILLER "Up There With You". What a beautiful record! This song really is the sort of material that makes a very good album GREAT, and all essential elements fall together perfectly to make one gorgeous song. I was hooked by its beautiful, warm introduction, the smooth and velvety vocals and fluid instrumentation. The CD is hopeful, socially conscious and brimming with positivity. This is exactly the sort of material I like to hear. "Lets Come Together", "Determination", "Love Can", "Spirit In Love" and "Together We Can" are top notch examples of real soul music with real instrumentation and song writing.

Not many artists can deal with social commentary well, and no-one in the realm of major label could even hope to scratch this quality of artistry. I think this fact was been borne out with the special acknowledgement of Elton John who later enlisted Adam on his 2005 UK tour following hearing Adam in his home town of Atlanta - and included him for the Live 8 that July. Elton is, I know, a keen fan and connoisseur of black music - strongly endorsing Remy Shand a few years back - and this certainly adds a lot of weight to the argument that Adam is sheer Class. Adam really works on the theme of self empowerment and as a tool for encouragement and verve this CD really rocks. The power of love is the strongest theme on this set and "Love Can" administers this concept perfectly. If you love a Southern flavour with plenty of horns then "You Inspire Me" will wet your whistle nicely. It's happy, bouncy and uplifting, and just what I like. Incidentally, a jazzy flavour is added with the slinky "Many Times". Another strong track. Although we have not seen a follow-up set to date, I'm sure Adam has a great future. CD Baby stock this so do drop in and have a sample listen. Essential real soul.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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