Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Brian Moore - My World - 2004 - Clout

This is a little-known in the style that Kenny Lattimore should be making. Vocally Brian Moore is a dead ringer for Kenny Lattimore, and musically this is a LOT better than Kenny’s past three albums. Brian is an excellent, honest and expressive singer and pirouettes from smooth and soulful to tortured and rough, he is vibrant at times with a real, raw passion. I begin with the bubbly title song, "My World". Once I got past the electronic Kenny Everett 'Captain Kremmon' computer voice we are treated to a spine-tinging intro to a smashing and atmospheric song; futuristic, airy and as fresh as a mountain stream. After being impressed by this I was very much taken with the superb modern head nodder "My Life (Baby It’s You)" which should have garnered some decent radio play. This is a pity, and I urge you to give this track a definite listen. "If They Know" is rather a brooding number, a shade off key and even more haunting for it as far as I am concerned. This bass-laden heavy number is tempered by Brian’s smooth vocal and impassioned delivery.

There’s nothing better than a good old sensual interlude and an even better song to follow, so I was pleased to find "Interlude" and "U Ain’t Right" on here which are very, very good. "Same Ol’ Thing" is a fantastic track and contains some great keyboard that are the same as Kiara used for "Always" back in 1990. With me, Brian is onto a winner with this. His vocals are excellent on here and prove how soulful and real this gentleman is. Should anyone doubt this, I would seriously recommend track 10, "Somebody Told Me". This Paul Minor and Damion Johnson penned song is simply amazing. It’s a sneakily addictive song. The backing music, comprised of a lazy, sexy beat and wah wah guitar are gelled together with some haunting synth and drunken strings which result in a progressively dramatic track that climaxes in a powerful, raspy vocal performance. Although the CD only credits 11 songs, there are in fact 13. I have no idea what these are called, but I would suggest that track 12 is called "The Way Life Goes". This is an ultra-soulful, basic acoustic number that is essential as it is melancholic. I love this sort of song, and Brian handles it very well indeed. Highly recommended.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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