Thursday, 5 February 2009

June April - What Am I? - June Gardner

Yet another classy soul/jazz release for Summer 2007. This is a serious Gospel set and for those like me who do not follow any strain of religion, the lyrics may very well be far too much to swallow, even though the music is first rate. For me, this does not detract from the fact that June April is one superb new vocal talent and the music certainly is in the quality groove that you can expect to hear and read about on Soulchoonz. There are 3 songs on here that really appeal to me, and the social messages in them are equally important, irrespective of which – if any – denomination you follow. Please check out “Tick Tock” which has a very simple message which is “do not waste your time, make up your mind”. Aimed at urban youth, this really is a strong social message. Hopefully the message will be heard and will make more youngsters stop and think about what they are doing with their lives, and whom they spend it with. Amen to that! Secondly”, I recommend “Ready” which opens with dreamy vibes, grumbling bass and jazzy percussion and sassy, well controlled vocals. My third and final selection is the superb scat jazz of “Fear Vs Faith”. This chugging, meaty number is crammed full of instruments and the freestyle motion led by the piano is first rate. I have always loved sax, and this adds some real New York flavour to the overall palate. I recommend this album for the aforementioned tracks, but, if you are of Christian persuasion then the whole album will have greater appeal. It sure is positive and inspirational, and if I can find solace on here then the CD should have wide appeal. You go, Girl!

Barry Towler

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