Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Kevin Nash - A Love Beyond Space And Time - 2005 - Elect Communications

Kevin Nash returned in 2006 with a most impressive album of special love songs that were inspired by his parents. His parents are the cornerstone of this album, and the album is much more than a personal or sentimental project. His loving parents can teach all of us a lesson, a great lesson. Kevin has studied well and is dedicated to teaching those willing to listen of what is the basis of all that is important in this world: love, tenderness and togetherness. Those of you who know Kevin from his first two outings in the early 90s will not need any further convincing. All I would like to add is that I feel this particular album has raised the bar in terms of song writing and in its level of production. It is tender, low-key in places and promises the listener of some latent eroticism. The melodies, the considered arrangements and Kevin’s sensuous vocals ally themselves together in a natural fashion. The result, for this man’s money, is fantastic. There is no cliche here, just passion.

The first musical cut is very jazzy; very basic and no-nonsense smoky room material, and vocals dreamily tailored to boot. This works particularly well, and so does the beautiful and serene ballad "You And Me". "Like Oooh" speaks of the flush of first love; a most amazing feeling indeed, and perfectly encapsulated in song here. The set contains two remakes. "Without You" from 1994’s "Love Ya Nine Tymes", the other "Its True" from his 1992 EP. Both are spectacular revisions, changes and regenerated enough to be new songs in their own right. In fact, "Without You" is probably better than its previous incarnation. Its more atmospheric, sexy and detailed. I can’t get enough of this version, BUT I still like the original. "It’s True" which bears little resemblance to his 1992 effort with a more sexy feeling. Another song I love (let’s face it, I like the whole darn set!) is the jaunty "Hope You Don’t Mind" – the additional finger-clicks, the key flourishes and jazzy undertone really is the business! I always like listening to the sounds of nature, especially when married with sexy soul music. Here on "Sexy Song" we have tropical birds and a running stream along with Kevin’s monologue, and a bit of sax to boot courtesy of Panther. The bubbly "Let’s Make Love Tonight" with its Spanish guitar and knocking, clicking rhythm has the wisp of a Leon Ware production, so no bad thing! "Wooh Oooh" has a title that had given me every fear of being a cookie-cutter effort for the kids, but in no way is this the case. This is intelligent, soulful and befitting with the rest of the album. "Everyday Love" ups the stakes again and possibly has the most contemporary feel, along with a spoken part – I won’t call it rap. It’s more adult than that. I cannot recommend this album enough This CD is one for the romantics out there and for those who like sheer unadulterated quality soulful music. Available from CD Baby.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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