Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Lew Kirton - Forever - 2005 - Tweedside Records

I recently covered Lew's 1983 “Talk To Me” album on our 80s reviews pages, and it’s a pleasure to have the man dish up some new flavours, uptempo, midtempo and between the sheets in the new Millennium. Lovers of his aforementioned “Talk To Me” album will feel comfortable with this. The style is reminiscent of the best tracks from the New Birth CD that I reviewed here on Soulchoonz very recently. “Forever” is a consistent effort and shows us that this man has not lost any of his magic. I rate most of this album and can therefore highly recommend it. OK, it is definitely an independent sounding effort, but this adds to its charm and has a touch of the late 80s to it, which is something that definitely does not disagree with my sensibilities. The opening track wins from the opening bars – a real classy modern soul cut that garnered some interest and airplay. Lew’s song is a conciliatory one towards a gossiping lover who’s darkening his name about town. Very sporting of you, old chap and a great song to boot. “Missing You” drops the tempo with a note of melancholy and a heap of remorse but thankfully a velvet smooth delivery and quality tune to carry it.
Following the nice Holland Dozier number, “Forever” we have an excellent 80s styled stepper in “Stay The Night” which carries none of the melancholy of the previous song. The mood is sexy, anticipating and excited. Can’t say I blame him either!

When I heard “No One Else For Me” I was reminded, in part, of the melody within The Bar-Kays recently reviewed song “Let’s Get Busy”, and this helped me like an already tasty arrangement. I particularly like his gentle vocal style and the soft female harmonies in support. I have, though, some real favourites on here – the first of which has to be the KILLER ballad “Choose You”, resplendent with real instrumentation and excellent delivery from Lew Kirton and his backing singer …Karen Bernod! This is a heavenly pairing, and musically we are dealing more major label a la Miles Jaye with his days with Island Records. Yes, I love this and played it to death at the time wherever I went. The CD is essential for this song alone, but the final two songs also command as much attention. Musically they elevate themselves from the previous – yet great – songs. I love the keys in “Look My Way”; the atmosphere along with Lew’s undiminished vocals really does hark back to the 80s. The final cut really is a monster track; a quality stepper with classy synths and chugging clapping beats that would not be out of place on a compilation from 1984 or 1985. Needless to say this is a song that I have whopped up and enjoyed. As it is winter and the new release front quieter as dead as my love life, there is no excuse for ordering a copy from CD Baby!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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