Monday, 9 February 2009

Lori Jenaire - Fruition

I am so happy to see that the wonderful Lori Janaire has released another album. I loved a number of songs on “Within Reach” and I have to say that in my honest opinion this album is better. It’s more consistent and captivating and elevates everything that was excellent about her last set even higher. I understand why the set is called “Fruition”. This particular batch of fruits are simply mouth watering and delicious. I focus my attention from track three, “Matter Of Time” because this is where the album really starts. Lovers of her “Within Reach” CD will simply salivate over the sultry, soulful music, which Lori is perfect at.
The airy feeling of “Matter Of Time” is enough to blow the jolly old cobwebs away! Better still is the KILLER “Danger Zone” which is a scintillating ballad; a track that would not sound out of place on the excellent Kuh Ledisma album on Expansion from 1999. I cannot stop playing this track – pure quality and sexy beyond measure. There is a bubbling passion within Lori’s voice that is very tantalizing and very exciting. Surely the late, great Phyllis Hyman would have applauded this cut. The way Lori approaches the vocals is so Phyllis that it hurts!

Lori dips into a mild Latin tempo with the Rippingtons-ish jazzy soul sawyer, “Unexpected Storm”. This song will impress. Following a gorgeous interlude, “Picture” will soon have you in pieces. This is the type of music that I want to hear: pure class from start to finish. Vocally I hear shades of Latoya London on this particular song. “Pieces” emanates such degrees of warmth and takes me back to the sort of classy soul-jazz albums in the late 80s from the likes of Cheryl Barnes. If you are looking for more uptempo material, then please indulge in “Dontcha Wanna Know”. This fresh foot-tapper is underpinned by a jazzy cadence and allows Lori to vocalise in the best possible sense. Perfect radio material, methinks. If sexy sax and sensuous, erotic rhythms are more your bag then check “Can’t Tell You” – another superb song which gets me going, and the sax and synth add another dimension to an already tasty cut. This is not to be missed. Beautiful music from a beautiful Lady, and an album that exceeds all my expectations of what I thought a follow-up CD could offer. You really cannot miss this set. Shame on you if you do!

Barry Towler