Friday, 20 February 2009

Marc Vanclaggett - I Want You - 2003 - Marlex Records

The excited hoo-hah that followed from this CD in early 2003 was MASSIVE. I spoke at length with Marc at the time and the vast majority of interest came from the UK. Marc was blown away at the interest and love he received, and it's not rocket science to understand exactly why when you hear the CD, and the title track in particular. If you love your soul harking back to the halcyon days of the late 80s early 90s quiet storm format then please make yourself acquainted with Mr. Marc Vanclaggett. Honestly, I was 10 seconds into "I Want You" and I was gobsmacked and completely sold. This was the best thing I’d heard for a very, very long time. We are talking super soulful, dynamic, fresh and unadulterated sexy vocals in a Billy Griffin / Walter & Scotty mode! Check out the web site and hear exactly what I mean. Serious stuff, this. The stunning music does not stop here. "I’ll Be There For You" follows on and manages easily to keep the quality running. This track is very much in the Whispers / Babyface mould and is thoroughly essential.

Again, "When You Need Someone" is a cool midtempo number that raises the bar of musical quality top another level. Marc duets with a mighty singer, whom I am eager to hear more from, called E.J. Welch. If you like Gene Rice then you will like him! We're 6 years on and still no new material from either Marc or E.J. Come on, guys! The sultry, sexy "If I Could Hold You" really is a top-draw performance also. I found the midtempo semi-instrumental number "Butterfly Crossing" very much in a mid-1980s Leon Ware style and the quality continues with the chunky synth laced "Love To Burn" which is very late 80s / early 90s and top quality to boot – very close in comparison to Gene Rice’s "Love Is Calling You" and similar to the uptempo work of Gerald Alston / By All Means. The album is topped off with the beautiful and "Songbird" which possesses a gentle melody. Albums like this one are ESSENTIAL - and still available from CD Baby.

Barry Towler

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