Thursday, 19 February 2009

Nash Reed - Mercurial

It's my pleasure to introduce you the the wonderfully talented Nash Reed. From South Africa, Nash is the style of soul artist that is totally focussed on creating the best grooves possible with her feet rooted in today but her sensibilities well and truly founded in the sounds of a better and musical age. Lovers of the Patrice Rushen sound, - you know what I mean...a feel-good groove and plenty of “Ready” Freddy Washington slap bass – would immediately be drawn to Nash Reed. Take the opening cut “Natural”which is as infectious as any 80s groove you know and love. This reminds me so much of Impromp2 and Patrice Rushen's 2003 effort “Give It Up” and I defy you not to feel the vibe and not let it move you! “Sweet Solution” would sit nicely amongst any recent retro jams such as Bennson, Cool Million, Confection and so on. This naturally follows on from “Natural” and on this song we really do appreciate the mega-soulful voiced Nash as she wipes the floor with all the baby-food breathed teenybop R&B whalers on the market today. A jazzier groove is the exceptional “Can't Catch Me” which appeals to me in the same way as the great Vladimir Cetkar and his “In The Open Space” does. Nice strings and a groove to move to.Keeping on the jazzy theme, please check out the sublime “Reaching Out” with it's lead piano and guitar and warm keys. It's songs and albums like this that keep re-affirming my faith in quality music today! The freaky keyboards open up for “Saying Less...Meaning So Much More”, and almost remind me musically of Patrice Rushen again. The real killer for me, however, is “Cruise With Me”, a song with a touch of rock guitar at the start but I am rather partial to that – so there! LOL. This song is CLASS, it's rich, warm and cozy with plenty of real instruments. The guitar at the start of the track is right in the pocket of what Gino Vannelli was doing on his superb “Brother To Brother” album back in the late 70s. As with this album, and all music highlighted on soulchoonz, the music and lyrics are mature and without any dalliance with the faddish R&B market. Nash Reed is a super talent, able to create a thoroughly 2008 quality sound yet at the same time comfortably reaching back and drawing close the styles that are both comfortable and timeless. This is a real no-risk disc and one you really should have in your collection.

Barry Towler