Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nikita Germaine - Just Kita

Nikita's third album to date, and so much better than the last one! Not up to the high standard of her Motown set, of course, but definitely one to add to the collection. I cannot believe her “All Over You, All Over Me” was released FIFTEEN years ago...shocking! Anyway, this set is more on the level of that set than her previous Gospel album, and I think that six cuts on here will do the business for you if you loved her Motown set. I shall begin by mentioning the opening track, “Love 911” which isn't bad at all, and should do well on the old radio front. It's up-to-date, beefy and I hope it does do well for her. Much better than the dance remix version, too! “La La La” is another groovy cut with a pinch of the old Latin flavour thrown in for good measure. The acoustic guitar and keys are very subtle and almost swamped by the synth yet it is in this detail that draws me in, as to be honest the lyrics aren't ground-breaking! As a whole I really like it, and at the end of the day that is all that matters to me.
The ballad “Blood Rushin' Thru My Veins” is again laced with a Spanish guitar of the serenading sort. The deep bass and haunting keys and shuffling beats act as a dramatic backdrop for Nikita to really give us a strong vocal performance. This is a Lady who can really, truly sing and it's on these cuts that she shines brighter than a supernova. The dancer “Enough Is Enough” is one of the highlights. Again, her superb voice is totally in control over the slap bass and steppers groove. I could imagine this popping up on a Togetherness compilation as it definitely should appeal to connoisseurs of this kind of groove. I have to also heap praise on another tasty uptempo number called “Mmm”; a funkier effort and sassier in delivery too. Savour this, then move onto the GORGEOUS ballad “Because Of You”. The finger-clicking beats, synth, Spanish guitar and sheer warmth that emanates from the backing vocals do everything to win me over. I am very, very please to see this Lady return on top form and I shall be digging out her Motown CD very soon to soak up more of this wonderfully talented Lady.

Barry Towler

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