Monday, 23 February 2009


An interesting choice for reissue from out friends, Vinyl Masterpiece. The set is well sought after for the sublime “Our Hearts Will Always Shine” - a track that was lifted for a recent UK compilation, and this has to be the champion track on this album. What a cracking song – the bass guitar, strings and keys and the simple, catchy nature make this an 80s classic. For me this track is but one of three choices on here. It's not the best album Motown put out but has my favourite composition on it. The CD is therefore worth it for this song and this song alone. The set itself is quite rocky, poppy and was a victim of Motown's policy at the time which was more akin to stumbling around hoping to get into the hit parade again. Michael Stokes is the main man producing this set, and his hand is very much felt at the helm. Hopefully the man, along with Missus, Linda Stokes will be producing new material very soon...
'Til then though I want to sing the praises of the other two gems on here. “I Can't Wait” has a real classy orientation and the strings are beautifully conducted and remind me of the style used by the Isley Brothers on their “Masterpiece” album, or by the Dazz Band on their “Keep It Live” album. The track, other than the strings has a gorgeous late 70s / early 80s Switch feel to it. This also comes seriously recommended. The upbeat “Here I Go Again” also gets a thumbs up from here. Typical of it's era, the rhodes and slap bass make me very warm inside. If only this sound was more prevalent today then I, for one, would be happier. From what I see, we're moving in the right direction! Until then though, bank on Vinyl Masterpiece to keep our needs met with quality 80s releases such as this. No longer is this LP a pricey collector's item!

Barry Towler