Thursday, 12 February 2009

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is a very strong vocalist who has trace elements of Adriana Evans and Tami Davis within her voice, and all contained within her very sexy and sassy frame. “Life, Love And Relationships” really is what it says it is. Like a lot of other strong sets floating about at the moment, this set is as much about personal philosophy as it is musical direction. That, to me is not a bad thing. Something done with conviction holds more weight than something that has just been churned out for the sake of making a quick buck and exploiting the fickle market. The tone, for me, is slightly Gospel orientated and the gusto which Rachel has when espousing self-love and self-worth is one that is rarely discussed in R&B today. Most R&B – mainstream stuff at any rate – is about SEX and not LOVE. Rachel, on “Learn To Love Me” not only gives us a great track but also offers some wise words of deep wisdom. This is a big song with a big message. The song is excellent and displays a maturity not often seen or heard today.
Her version of “Don't Ask My Neighbours” also has to be one of the best versions I have had the pleasure to come across. The muted trumpet and sympathetic backing contains some gorgeous guitar and the backing vocals are almost on par with what you would expect from, say, Lori Perry. My next choice is the less R&B inclined stepping groove, “Let's Fall In Love Again”. The male backing vocals are very well arranged and the whole song is a joy to listen to. “Do What You Do” adds some eroticism to the mix, with a seductive flavour and alongside the positive messages, adds a welcome contrast. Some may find “My Child” too schmatlzy for their taste but if you have children and love a haunting piano-led melody with tight backing harmonies then this is a lovely song. OK, I'm getting sentimental in my old age!!! The fact is that this Lady has a lot to offer and as far as this CD goes there is something for everyone. There are a number of edgier urban styled cuts which don't float my boat BUT should appeal to younger ears, which is good as the vibes are definitely positive! One to check out for sure.

Barry Towler

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