Thursday, 19 February 2009

Razzberry - Be Yourself

Razzberry, aka Denise Hirschey along with producer Nate White and Eugene and Ida Clark drop an album which should appeal to the younger, R&B audience as well as the seasoned connoisseur. I assume you are firmly in the latter category having logged on to Soulchoonz and reading this page I will deal with the songs which will appeal to your...sensitive and cultured palette. Not to say that the 'younger' tunes are bad, of course, but they have their audience and I'm sure that they appeal BUT for this pair of ears there are definite highlights which I know will do the business for readers of these pages. “Take Me” is a funky, dirty little jam and the slap-bass, booming bass and cool keys sure get the hips moving but I feel suffers near the end of the track when Fokus comes in on the rap very much like Tupac or the like. Some, I am sure, will like this but for me it was a digression from the slinkiness of the groove and somehow out of place. Still, that aside a worthwhile song. OK, compare this to the melancholic, brooding “Art Times” and we get a real taste of the Lady's talent. This is more along the lines of what Nikita Germaine has recently delivered, and thank goodness for it too! Nate White appears on the interlude, “I Can't Do Without” on guitar and is an accomplished player. The groove is excellent yet woefully short! If only this were longer! Onto “Closer” - this is a real dream of a track and the acoustic guitar, tapping, clapping beat and gentle piano culminate in a sumptuous groove worthy of a spin on quality radio. You will agree that this track is pure quality. The sexy “Come To Me” opens with the sensuous siren-like voice drawing us in; the shuffling beat and guitar drawing us in closer and keeping us in attention. Very much like an effort from Shirley Marshall, or someone from that era, the song works very well. My favourite song is the gorgeous and memorable “I'm Sure”. It's chilled, atmospheric and honest construction allows Razzberry to really exercise her vocal chords in a fashion that we would expect to hear from the likes of Regina Belle; the notes are deliberately stretched and twisted for effect and give rise to the fact that Razzberry is a VOCALIST and not a VOCALISER as many so-called singers are today. Think Mary J. Blige. Often it is the independent artist – as is championed here at Soulchoonz – which has the real deal to offer, regardless of budget. Talent is talent and Razzberry doesn't need to prove anything to the likes of me. An excellent effort.

Barry Towler