Sunday, 22 February 2009

Remi - A Taste Of Eden - 2000 - Tall Hair Music

Prior to recording this EP in 2000, Remi had worked in a group called The Day-Z's with Morris Day of The Time at the helm and she has toured and performed with Howard Hewitt, Tina Marie and Karyn White among many others, including a more recent stint with Christopher Cross. How about that for a credible resumé?! I was impressed, and more so impressed with this release which is soulful, sexy, intimate, and jam packed with groove, sensuality and lyrics that are intelligent. The opening song "In The Heat Of The Night" is a sexy, shuffling groove that is perfect for summer; the sax that is prominent on this song accentuates the intricate and textured musical backdrop like a hand in a glove. This is the sort of dancer that Leon Ware would be really good at. Plenty of texture both rough and smooth and Remi's ultra-soulful vocals drench the song effortlessly.

The following tune, "Coco Bella", is another Ware-ish moment and Kuh Ledisma's work with Attalla Zane Giles also springs to mind regarding this composition. This sexy monologue is essential - the loping beat and the tropical essence is adorned with a subtle synth lining that makes it a real spine-tingling moment. Remi's reminisces over her first kiss are better than mine are! Try writing a song around the cloying smell of potter's clay in a musty, stale art department store cupboard. Go on - try it! I defy you! The plush grooves continue with the terrific midtempo "It Ain't Gonna Change My Love" which gets my toes and fingers working nicely. On "A Taste Of Eden" I am slightly reminded of Kashif's "Who Love's You" album on this, so you know that this indeed a quality song. Our final tune is another welcome 'two-step' cut with lyrics reflecting on the discovery of a cheating partner. So, this mini album is chock-a-bloc with pacers that are definitely aimed at the soulful RnB market. Strong vocals, strong lyrics, strong music and on first hearing I am in no doubt that this is one talented Lady who oozes talent, sexiness, class and can get my toes tapping. Whatever happened to the follow-up album, "Urban Gypsy", I have no idea but having recently spoken with this lovely Lady I know that before long she will pop up again. Do not overlook this CD or this Lady.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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