Thursday, 12 February 2009

Robert Gee - All My Love

This is more of an R&B set than previous albums I have reviewed of late, and as such has taken more of a concerted listen to get into it. But the effort certainly pays off, trust me! There is more intelligence to this gentleman than you’ll find on the run of the mill sets spewed out by the majors, and as such is far more accessible than most that are around at the moment. The general flow of the album is downtempo to midtempo and I suppose a good comparison would be that if you like artists such as Cognac and Kino Watson then you should also like Robert Gee. “All My Love” is definitely a grower and will wet your appetite for what follows. Another favourite is the guitar-led song called “I Really Miss Your Love” which allows Robert to really flax his vocal chops. On some tracks he sounds a bit like Craig David – which is OK as I have a soft spot for old Craig! – but on cuts like this he really has verve and dynamism! I really took quickly to the clonking hand-clapper “When You Get Down To It” – this is the sort of track that Brian McKnight takes to on his “Ten” release and is certainly a bass-pin trembler but yet easy on the ear. “Come Home” with its warm synth and sexy beat is a winner and does nothing but elevate Robert from his legion of contemporaries. Again the same could be said of the gospel-based “No Greater Love”. This is probably the most musically accessible cut for the traditionalist out there. I really appreciate the music if not the content, and I love the Take 6 styled harmonies he utilises. “Here We Go” works well too – I particularly like the lazy, drunken guitar and synth. I mentioned Brian McKnight earlier and his “Ten” album. If that is up your street then “Waiting” will also be a track that you will feel. For me this is certainly one of the stronger tracks. The CD is, as I say, a grower and a cut that originally did not register is the 4AM Sexy Remix of “All My Love” – this is one to keep in mind. The etheric vocal / synth touches adds a futuristic flavour and gives it more of a texture to let the old grey matter work with. Excellent! This is an album that will appeal to those who love both traditional sounds and more rough, urban edges. A recommended release from an artist with a glowing future.

Barry Towler

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