Monday, 9 February 2009

Swade - My Name Is Swade

The sound of the 80s appears to be very much in vogue at the moment, and this is something I can definitely be pleased about. In many ways I left my heart there, and many a time does my attention turn to those years. Swade, a very talented vocalist, along with hip French producer Thomas G have carried on from where “Back To The Funk” left off, and that is with a set of scorching, searing 80s styled dancers and midtempo jams.
Fans of 80s groups such as Juicy will find a lot to celebrate here, and the production also owes a lot to the style of the Jacques Fred Petrus sound, and also David 'Pic' Conley too! The album, too, has a solid 80s appearance with 9 tracks – but all of them winners. Should you have bought the Confection album – and I trust you have – then this new set will definitely wet your whistle. Check out these grooves! Change, anyone?! This is classy stuff – instantly danceable, full of groove, melody, harmony and the main ingredient is SOUL.
Albums don't open stronger than the BB&Q / Change styled first cut, “Tender Lover”. We're right back to 1983 with this groove, so this is one happy customer! “Do You Wanna” with its crashing beats and funky synth evokes memories of Evelyn King's early 80s efforts for RCA and track three, “Tomorrow”owes a lot to the musical style of RenĂ© & Angela circa their late Capitol output. I have always adored the work of Slave – Steve Arrington, Steve Washington and the gang, and the party-time slap bass of “Fire” could easily be spinning around on my turntable with the Cotillion label on it! Think “You Meet My Approval” and you're not too far away from the truth! Vocally, Evelyn King seems the closest comparison on this song. No matter – Thomas G and Swade have yet again come up with the goods and have dedicated their time to making REAL soulful dance music.
The album flows on easily in an 80s soulful dance vein, and to be fair, I cannot raise any complaints at all. I am seriously disappointed when the CD comes to a close. Still, we have had 2 sets in close proximity - 19 classy 80s inspired dancers in total so this is not too bad a scenario at all. I consider this a serious “no risk disc” and you can do nothing better than land yourself a copy of this AND the last set if you are not already savvy enough to own that! Essential soul from Europe.

Barry Towler