Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Tavares - Old Dawg - New Tricks EP - 2004 - Ear Candy

Tavares have a new album out in 2009 and I fear does little or nothing for these ears. The best tracks on it are actually the tracks from this 2005 EP. Actually, this set is mainly a Butch Tavares effort, not a family shindig, but I really do not care as long as there are enough songs to keep me happy. There are but 5 tracks on this CD and I would say that three would definitely appeal to you. The opening song has been lifted a s a single and this is classic quiet storm radio material - as well as classic Tavares material in itself. Back in the early to mid 1980s this would have been a great smash on the crossover front. The inclusion of a rapper on 2 uptempo songs took me aback. The first such song is "I Owe" and is actually an infectious, hard groove with strong 80s funk sensibilities. I can hear touches of The Bar-Kays, Cameo or even Prince in this, and the rap isn't too bad either, but I can do without it.

The cash register used at the start sounds very very similar to that used on the Christmas classic, "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everday", from Wizzard!!! I would recommend you plumb for the superb 80s floater, "Wind & Rain", which should satisfy the Quality Time heads out there. My only quibble is that this, and the whole effort is not exactly major label quality, but very much independent sounding. I feel very sad that groups of this calibre have to resort to small back room efforts. It really maddens me. The 80s flavour continues with "You're My Lady" and is another fine moment. These two tracks are not far in mind from the recently reviewed soulchoon Y2K classic from New Birth. Well recommended for "Wind And Rain" and "You're My Lady".

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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