Friday, 20 February 2009

Trina Broussard - Same Girl - 2004 - Motown

I hope that you are the lucky owner of Trina's "Inside My Love" album, the 1999 set which was released by Expansion recently. That set was brilliant, and a very solid effort. This 2004 release was not up to that standard, but I openly made a comment about this CD being the last decent release on Motown. I beliebve I was right. How many quality releases has Motown released since? Kem's "Kem II" and Stevie's "A Time To Love". CRIMINAL. This set, for this label was a dying breed. For me, there are 5 gems to be had and it is thanks again to our heroes Steve Harvey, Van Hunt, Jamey Jaz, Rahsaan Patterson and some chappy who calls himself Commissioner Gordon (!) that we owe that debt of thanks.

The opening song owes more to the 90s style of Steve Harvey more than his organic approach, but is a superb opening cut that treads the current R&B midtempo path very well indeed without going anywhere near thje sort of kids' RnB tat of 2009. The following gem, too is just beautiful and I was instantly reminded of the flow of "Talk To Her" from India Arie's "Voyage To India". I really do appreciate this folky, acoustic soul feel and this style works very well with Trina's gentle, if oftentimes uninspiring vocals. My favourite moment is the ESSENTIAL "Dreamin' Of One" which beautifully unfolds from the flute into a summery floater of immense magnitude. Thanks to Steve Harvey for the inspired production and Rahsaan Patterson and Van Hunt for the writing. I LOVE the Stevie Wonder inspired "Will Things Ever Be The Same" which has traces of Stevie's "Songs In The Key Of Life"album. The superb 70s tapper, "Lies" is really gripping and has in irresistible bassline that works well, and not dissimilar from Erykah Badu's "Didn't Cha Know". Just sung better!!!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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