Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Ty Causey - Body Language

Ty Causey can be summed up in one word. Dependable. If you were won over with his first album, “N-Tycing” and loved his “Love Notes” and “Expressions” sets, then this too will become a staple part of your Ty Causey soul food diet. This is a very limited and unofficial release which is a rare collection of songs for those who love his music, and were recorded at the same time as his excellent “Expressions” session. What I liked about that aforementioned album was that the groove was more evident, it had more kick than “Love Notes” and was all the spicier for it. Carrying on from that winning formula is “Body Language”. Sure, the smoothness you would expect is there, but the beats, the basslines and melodies have a greater earthiness and raunchiness that really appeals to me. The smooth opening song entices with very sexy lyrics, and spoken from a man who certainly is proficient in the art of reading body language. As for me, I could be launched upon by a girl with a neon sign flashing “take me I'm yours” (as if!) and still not notice. Subtle is Ty's middle name. “It's Just A Fantasy” gets into a higher gear, yet still allows the silky smooth vocal adopt its front of the line position. Ty almost sounds like Oliver Cheatham on here...the melody reminiscent of Oliver's unreleased 1994 Zygo Records gem “You Don't Have To Hurt No More”. Another song that will greatly appeal to you as well, I feel, is the sensuous groove of “Hot Tonight”, the warm bassline and almost inaudible synth add to the mystery of the track, the anticipation for the culmination of the encounter with his Lady. So impressive is the EXCELLENT slow grind of “Set You Free”. Nicely worded song, too, and makes me feel that Ty is a bottomless pit of intelligent lyrics. Lovers of sax – as am I – should approve of the slinky, almost bluesy “When You're In Love” - this is total quality and easily on par with any of the best cuts from “Expressions”. I find the deep, resonant bassline that Ty favours to be quite erotic. Check the dirty bassline used on “You'll Never Be Lonely”. This, and his soaring, almost Alexander O'Neal like quaver on this should get a few unnecessary reactions from female fans! This is used to great affect on the seductive “Dinner, Wine, Candlelight”leaving the listener in no doubt what his intentions are, and that is NOT watching the eternal coverage of the US Presidential campaign. The bouncy “Are We Vibin'” has an excellent ability to get the bass pins trembling, and the beats very much in the early 80s scene, the sax licking away at the bassline frivolously and Ty letting lose his imagination on what to do with his Lady. Great stuff! With “Nice And Slow” - the title sort of gives the game away – the tempo drops and certainly delivers on the ballad front. The curtain closer is of equal weight and will not, I'm sure, disappoint. Ty's fourth outing does not surprise, but yet again does not disappoint. Like Will Downing, we know what we're going to get and I find that rather warming.

Barry Towler

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