Thursday, 5 February 2009

Various - The Nu Vintage Soul Connection - Soulchoonz Records

In the UK we’re lucky to be served by some tremendous indie soul labels and interestingly each label seems to have cornered its own particular sound. Though a relative newcomer, the soulchoonz label has captured a mood too. Everyone knows know you can count on ‘em for ultra sophisticated, modern soul grooves. However, with this brand new 12 track compilation the label is sensibly spreading it wings and exploring sounds maybe a bit more adventurous than we’ve come to expect. Sure, there’s plenty of that bright and breezy but mis-named “modern” soul so beloved of the North West’s huge soul contingent. For starters there’s a great and hugely danceable retro groove in Kimia Collins’ ‘Yours’, while you can go the whole retro hog with Michelle Tavares’ cover of Teena Marie’s ‘ I Need Your Loving’. But if you want something meatier try Lisa Bell’s ‘Tell Me Why’ or Alana Bridgewater’s ‘Deception’ – that one could give Jill Scott a run for her money. Dare I say there’s rap here too (‘Now You Know’ from Kayte Burgess) and a big, bassy, funk interlude from the Nu Vintage studio crew. Different again is the re-mix of Ian Martin’s ‘Movin’ On’. Not quite soulful house, it’s a big percussive shuffle spiced with Soul II Soul violins. Interesting? I’ll say – like the whole collection.

Bill Buckley

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