Thursday, 5 February 2009

Various - Tears Full Of Soul - Castle

Here’s a lovely compilation that the UK re-issue labels do so very well. Compiled chiefly by In The Basement’s David Cole, the double 36 tracker is essentially a follow –up to his previous ‘Basement Tracks’ collection and once again we have a delicious cocktail of down-tempo soul grooves culled, this time, from labels like Perception, Chelsea, All Platinum and Stang. In honesty, there’s so much that’s good in here that it’s difficult to know where to start cherry picking… but let’s try. Of the featured big names, I guess the best known is Jean Carne. Her offering is a wonderful unaccredited song called ‘Do My Best’ It was recorded for the Robinsons’ label group and to till now has never seen the light of day. Philly completists will need it. It’s delicious and up with best of her Philly International stuff. Sticking with the City Of Brotherly Love, the Continental Four’s’ You’re Living In A Dream World’ will delight fans of the Thom Bell sound, while anoraks will note that the Cartstairs’ inclusion, ‘Story Of Our Love’ was the original B-side of ‘It Really Hurt Me Girl’ and that the Gloria Barnes of the soulful ‘Old Before My Time’ is actually the Towanda Barnes of Northern fame. In essence that’s the beauty of this collection. Each track throws up a surprise and becomes another piece to put into the ever-growing, ever-delighting soul-jigsaw. Case in point is the opener – Jimmy James and the Vagabonds’ ‘I’m Glad’ – another previously unissued gem – in honesty though, this is a total collection of soul gems and comes hugely recommended.

Bill Buckley

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