Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Serieux - I Can Give You Love - 2009 - Serieux Music

The first impression I had of this CD was that it smacks - in the best way possible - of a Y2K Temptations CD. If you, like me, LOVED their 2004 "Legacy" album then the compositions on here will enthrall you as much as they do me. There is more than a vague link here though. Two ex Temptations have a hand in this - G.C. Cameron and the rich, deep bass of Buster Mowberry are on hand to add real a Temptations clout to the songs. The first song that I choose from here is simply awesome - a cut written and sung by G.C Cameron - entitled "I Keep Running Back". This is simply brilliant! A real funky, chunky intense piece of dance floor friendly Y2K soul. I can heartily recommend the CD for this song alone - it really is a smasher and the Temptations themselves would do far worse than take note of songs like this - as the constant barrage of cover versions does nowt to light my fire.

"Nobody Like You" is a superb ol' skool soul jam which will appeal to fans of recent sets by the Persuaders etc. A classy effort all told. The gentler "My Heart's On Fire" reminds me slightly of "Satisfy" by the DCX from a few years back. This is a sexy groove make no mistake. Great harmonies too! Another G.C. Cameron tune, "I Can Give You Love" is also worth a spin and the rhythm guitar and haunting synth - very subtle it is too! - hark back to a brighter, more soulful age. There is - da da daaa! - a cover version hidden away here BUT it really is classy! They fellas cover Hall & Oats' "Sara Smile" to great effect and make it one of the highlights of the CD. The sax and tight harmonies create a real atmosphere of warmth. The most contemporary cut on here is the sparse and acoustic "Bring Your Body" - not exactly Hippity Hoppity but more in tune with the Latin feel of late and not detrimental to the CD as a whole either. This is one well recommended CD from a real soul group. There's more pedigree here than the kennel club!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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