Friday, 22 May 2009

Glam Sam And His Combo - Groovy - 2009 - Lemongrass Music

This nugget is due for release on iTunes in June, and other stores from August. This Combo hail from Sweden are seriously going to impress, and the style you may gather from the title of the CD...GROOVY. That's not a term I've bandies about for many a year! LOL. Europe is really and truly serving up the grooves and putting dear old Uncle Sam to shame. What the Americans forget - or, rather, ignore - us English and Europeans relish and celebrate. Who wants the likes of Akon or Ne-Yo when there is REAL groovy music out there?! The funk is served up strong and there is an underlying sexiness that makes it even more edgy. It's also fun. The artwork is very tongue-in-cheek and pastiche and the whole package, for me, is extremely worthwhile. The funky opening cut is SUPERB, this being aptly titled "Yeah, It's Good", and the sheer jazziness and funkiness of "The Dude" has echoes of Schema Records but with a disco edge a la Sunburst band or even our old friend, Nick Van Gelder! Fans of Nicola Conté and even Acid Jazz will lap up the SUPERB Hammond-based monster jam "The Beat". Superb stuff, this. The rap is a bit on the manic side but it's a fun, party groove and one I can see going MASSIVE in the Clubs! The keys are amazing and fans of Jamiroquai will also feel at ease on this "Space Cowboy" kind of groove.

The jazzy piano and uptempo roll on "The Concept Of Being Hip" will not draw criticism, neither will the jazzy, hip, summer groove of "Mind, Body And Soul". The sexy female vocal on here works a treat, and her harmonies are very well set against the Wes Montgomery type guitar. I find the epic "Dig The New Breed" totally irresistible, the powerful bassline, Hammond and horns simply pulsate and the percussion adds a sexy, funky edge...simply an excellent cut and one to buy the album for if nothing else! It's clever and weaves many musical scores within one song...the vibes and upright bass simply draw you in and swallow you up! A superb track! Track 10, "Disco Galore" is quite jazzy with it's guitar line and the horns punch tightly as the top of a Scotsman's purse. This is a cut that would be best describe as Koop meets Doug Willis. It's hip, groovy and FUN. It gets my feet moving, and the good old steering wheel bongos get a pounding to boot! "The Disco Kid" is more like the Sunburst Band a la "Til The End Of Time" and the closing track "Shake It Baby" hits us with a lot of funky jazzy power too. This is a great, and different CD that wears a musical coat of many colours. You will NOT get bored with this album. Varied, interesting and FUN!!!!!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe