Thursday, 24 September 2009

Los Charly's Orchestra - Neuvo Disco EP - Imagenes

This is going to cause some serious dance floor action!!! This is NOT crass disco at all and is in fact a monster groove with oodles of soul, funk and plenty of FUN!!!! Some would call this Chicano Salsoul due to the Latin elements. Come on, just listen to these four crackin' tunes and you have to remind yourself that is 2009 and NOT 1978. Funny what goes around comes around...soul music today comprises classic sounds from the 60s, 70s, 80s and then you have kiddies' R&B elements thrown in, vocal smooth jazz...and the return of string-n-groove laded dance floor party material thanks to the US House market and these good folks who together make up Los Charly's Orchestra: Juan Laya, Jorge Monteif and some special help as well from the likes of Xantoné Blacq on keyboards, Scott Bayliss on trumpet, Ed Riches on guitar, Max Grunhard on Sax and Rotimo Soul on vocal chores.

This is available to download from iTunes, Juno, and all other digital outlets and will be available on limited wax, and whatever format you choose I just know that all four songs will warm the old cockles and get the feet moving. Fans of Con Funk Shun and Kool & The Gang may well feel that they have died and gone to boogie heaven when they hear "Make A Move"! The vocals are very Michael Cooper and the quirky, freaky disco groove is a killer. Superb. The instrumental version adds more disco stomping extras too, and is a wee bit more Salsoul than the vocal version - the darting strings really throw us back 30-odd years. I'm smiling as I write this...who would ever had thought that this kind of stuff would sound so great again?! Oh, I sure love soul music!!!!! "Funkanova" is NOT a cover of the 1976 Wood, Brass & Steel song from their superb Turbo album, but instead a stonking new song complete with talk box a la Zapp and groovy rhythm guitar. Vocals, again, are so Michael Cooper it hurts! For those who like instrumental versions you have a great one here to savour. This outfit are amazing - and the more Nu Disco of this ilk that comes my way the better. Essential.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe