Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Marilyn Ashford Brown - Just Doing Me! - 2009 - Ash2Brown

If you are fans of Peggi Blu and Brenda Hillman then you will automatically love this Lady's voice. There is a great, sinuous amount of each classy Lady here and there is a really fiery, no-nonsense approach to Marilyn's delivery which is both traditional, comforting yet totally refreshing to boot. I would like to raise the profile of a number of songs, all of which are toothsome delights indeed. First up is the strong, strong opening cut "I've Got A Feeling" - not a cover of the Barbara Randolph or First Choice cuts, but a brand new original song. A positive, feel-good song which is socially aware, and eventually looks to a certain chappy called Mr. Obama to initiate change. "Anything (In The World)" is another familiar title, yet again is a new song which is superb! Fans of Brenda Hillman will love this, though I venture it's actually a lot better! The guitar that adorns this is jazzy and bluesy in good measure, working very well in an Eric Gale sort of style. For my money, the show-stealer is the beautiful and gorgeously soulful "You're Never There". This hits me like a quality track which was commonplace in the mid 80s - early 90s. I'm so pleased to hear such a tune today and hope to hear more like this in the near future!

A quality ballad where our Heroine questions her Lover on his issues, even asking him if he's "in the closet". Well, if he is then maybe he can find all those odd socks that I seem to have lost....? They're not in my sock drawer! Anyway, I digress...there is a "remix" on here of a tune called "You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Me)" which was originally produced by the legendary Al Johnson. I have not heard the original and would love to do so. This remix features a very annoying rap which really does nothing for me. Some things, I think, should be left well enough alone. "Commitment" is a great song with a real and pertinent message that goes deep under the skin of today's fractured family network. I totally agree with you, Marilyn and applause for saying it so soulfully. My last choice pick is the sax-drenched ballad "Gonna Give Love (One More Try)" which also has some great backing vocals and harmonies. I think that this Cd will definitely appeal to the connoisseur amongst you, and as such heartily recommend it!

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