Monday, 23 November 2009

The Whispers - Thankful - 2009 - Kingdom Records

The of my favourite vocal groups of all time, and Magic as one of my favourite writers / producers together again, and along with Unified Tribe come together to create a WONDERFUL gospel set that will appeal to both secular and non-secular ears. Myself, I have no truck with any faith whatsoever, and to like this set very much should give an example of how good this CD is. Musically we are in serious soul music heaven. Magic knows EXACTLY how to pair a well-crafted tune to the Whispers' unique harmonies and to Walter and Scotty's gorgeously smooth vocals. I usually shy well away from material like this as purely I find it uncomfortable to listen to, but the guys work so well on this that the subject matter becomes irrelevant. This is a great, great Whispers album which all concerned pull out all the stops to deliver to you. It's also knowing that they are cooking up a secular album for release in 2010 which really gets my juices running!

From the outset we are onto a clear no-risk disc. "Did You Know" is pure class, a typically strong traditional Whispers downtempo effort, and the following cut "For Thou Art With Me" is not as difficult for me to digest as I had thought. Such wonderful music and harmonies - these guys are craftsmen, no more no less. If you read my interview with Magic of late then you will know that the Whispers were covering Unified Tribe's gorgeous "Living Without You", this time the emphasis is different but they really do gel with this gentle, yet powerful melody. Gorgeous stuff. "One More Change" really allows Walter and Scotty to lay down their classy vocals to full effect, and the SUPERB "This Is How I Feel", complete with full live instrumentation is knock-out, it really is. Also check out the KILLER "We Need You", complete with Dexter Wansel type Philly keyboards and percussion. This is a great, great track. Please don't shy away from this album. Essential.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe