Monday, 11 January 2010

Cool Million featuring Eugene Wilde - Back For More - 2010 - SedSoul Records

I tell you this: Over the past year or so i have spoken to a LOT of people in the music business worldwide and the respect that has been paid to Cool Million has been very healthy and solid. The last accolade I heard was from the legendary Tom Moulton himself who not only gets on with these guys but also digs how they work. That is a compliment indeed from a legend of over 5000 remixes!Tom's compliments are solidly based. We all fell in love with their debut CD for Expansion, and I for one being partially time-locked in the mid 1980s fully appreciated their superb 80s sounding boogie tunes. Then we had the Tom Moulton remixes - all superb, and the recent killer tune with the uber-sexy Meli'sa Morgan. Not to mention the amazing remake of the Sunburst Band's "Everyday"...And now, dear readers...from the tantalising new CD project "Back For More" we have this incredible double-header on collector's 7" single featuring no less than 80's soul hero Eugene Wilde!!! This is far, far superior to his extremely disappointing CD and the Cool Million guys have certainly got him back into a meaningful, soulful dance vibe.

I have played this track over and over again. A resilient pounding beat, rhythm guitar and synth acts as a worthy backdrop to this Legend's supremely soulful and elegent vocal style. Eugene can really belt out and let rip when he wants to, but he is equally suited on this midtempo 80s styled stepper. I never thought this glorious sound would return afresh but yet here we are in the second decade of the 21st Century celebrating this very fact. Another thing to celebrate is the B-Side which sees our hero linked up with his equally soulful sister, Dee Dee Wilde! "Loose" is a real groover and is absolutely SUPERB. The bassline really booms, the harmonies here are exceptionally addictive and from the word go you are going to love this track. This could easily be a lost or unreleased track from his 1989 Magnolia / MCA album. Dee Dee Wilde is a superior female vocalist and any new material from her is more than welcome. Both songs deserve as much airplay as possible and I am sure that you will hear this regularly on stations such as Solar. If this is a taste of the new CD due soon then we are in for more of a treat than the phenomenal first album. Releases like this simply excite me! A welcome return from 2 members of the ultra soulful Wilde family!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe