Saturday, 9 January 2010

Various Artists - DJ Spinna: The Boogie Back - 2009 - BBE

Vincent Williams aka DJ Spinna has no need to try and win me over as a fan. He did that many years ago with sets that appealed to a wide audience within the soul / dance spectrum and his uptempo groovers and remixes are second to none. I had always wondered what makes artists and DJs like this tick, and so this compilation sets out, in part, to answer that. I admit total ignorance to most of these songs that Spinna has selected for this plateau of funky post disco club jams. What a selection of tunes, though! The vibe is perfect - uptempo, feel-good and from a far more enlightened and simpler era which spans 1978 - 1984. This two disc set is essential in my view. Disc one being unmixed, the second being mixed. Some tracks have been remastered from vinyl, but do not sound bad at all and you know how pinicketty I am with vinyl being used as a source for CD!!! The first song is a real strong soulful jam from 1982, a bass-driven number, "The Bottom Line" by South Bronx is worth shelling out on the CD for in my honest opinion. This is a perfect number to get the limbs moving and stop the snow freezing you up!

Chemise's "She Can't Love You" is presented here in it's original 12" mix, and this is very much what i as a fan and collector like to see and hear. Mtume's "So You Wanna Be A Star" from their 1980 LP is here from vinyl BUT has just been reissued properly on CD in Japan, so if the credit crunch hasn't affected you half as much as it has squeezed me then head off to your local importer and snap it up! A classic track and fans of Change or Chic will fall in love with this groove. Tawatha Agee sounds great as usual! "Betcha Can't Love Just One" by Final Edition is another great mover from the early 80s and will appeal to fans of THAT early 80s boogie sound. Classy track, this, and no mistake. Ronnie Dyson's "All Over Your Face" appears again - a popular cut at the moment, and rightly so. Stargaze "You Can't Have It" is a really good song that I am new to and credit to all for drawing it to my attention. happy days! A strong compilation and well worth a purchase.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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