Monday, 1 February 2010

Adriana Evans - Walking With The Night - 2010 - Expansion

Adriana Evans and Dred Scott are a match made in heaven in more ways than one. This couple have collaborated in the past to weave some real soul magic - some 13 incredible years now, and here we are with a brand new set that is very much in the bag of her first RCA album back in 1997. I feel, though, that this is a lot more substantial and definitely more consistent, and that's no blight on the aforementioned album either! So fat this year we have been treated to a number of brilliantly consistent albums, and "Walking With The Night" is certainly one to add to that ever-growing list. The 1960s, 70s and 80-s are all embraced in this CD, and one could be forgiven for thinking the Funk Brothers were in attendance on some of these tunes, especially the delightful opening cut, "Waiting". The Motown feel is definitely there, the horns and synth in perfect accord, this is summertime soul at it's very best. Adriana sounds very at ease, content and down home in this groove, and the result of their labours is sheer joy on the ears.

The Philly inflections on "Suddenly" certainly warm the cockles of my heart. The guitar is right on the money and the haunting synth and MFSB styled horns are enough to make my eyes prick. Such beautifully crafted music in this age of ego, attitude and arrogance is as refreshing as a cold beer on a sultry summer's eve. "Never Thought" is a modern, snappy number but devoid of today's cringeworthy clich├ęs, and the flute adds much more weight to this effort. "Surrender" - a great dancefloor number and not unlike the rest of the CD graced by a host of REAL musicians. Ah...the wheel, as I have said before, is turning. About time too. "Weatherman" was a track that I heard dear old Super Gary Spence play on the dear old wireless, and this CD graces us with both album and 12" versions. Bonus! There really isn't a bad track on here, and it really is a great feeling when we have albums like this come onto the market. Ralph Tee and all the other good eggs at Expansion know their onions and thanks to them the UK at least can enjoy some great, great American Soul Music. An essential release and due to hit the streets on February 8th.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe