Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Joyo Velarde - Love And Understanding - 2010 - Quantum Projects

This album can best be described and dynamic. It has real kick-ass qualities and the forthright, in-your-face funkiness, sassiness and uncompromising funkiness really is something to behold. The opening bars of "Mama's Got A Brand New Swag (So Exquisite)" is almost smack bang in the JBs / Kool and The Gang bag! The remainder of the track is very chunky, sturdy and in a harder Erykah Badu type mode! Her vocals are not at all weak, and are really 'out there' in a funky fashion. In a style that would equal some of the 80s greats, Joyo Velarde sets out her stall with conviction, firmness and sincerity. "Build This World" is a striking track. The musical arrangements hark back to the late 70s yet still find more than enough purchase in today's styles. Fans of the recent Dira set, or even Shae Fiol, will warm immediately to this set and this song particularly. Barry White's harpsicord sound finds a home in the bass-heavy plodder "Certain Special Way (I Feel About You)" and works well with the funky yet subordinate guitar. This track is GREAT!!! A real bass-pin trember.

"Strong Possibility" reminds me of a Dred Scott production for Adriana Evans. The vibe is still very much hip, yester-now and still urbnan enough to not be out of place with the classier of today's modern artists. "With Feeling" complete with summery guitar and flute wouldn't be out of place on a BGP compilation, and for those who like a more slower pace "You Got Me (In The Mood)" will work wonders. The 70s keys, relaxed backing and even pace lets this superb vocal talent create a song that would not be out of place if A Taste Of Honey decided to make a new album. The real horns add extra emphasis and as you go through the album you will, like me, love it more and more. It is class without any hesitation or deviation. "Take You Home" with it's darting strings and stepping groove should prove a winner and the pace is not far removed from R Kelly's brilliant remix of "Step In The Name Of Love". 2010 is yielding, thus far, some real gems and this is more than worth a purchase! Highly recommended.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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