Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Lov'N It - Appetizing - 2010

This single is one to get those who LOVE soulful dance / house. This is the sort of groove that I am seriously addicted to. There is nothing better than a happy slice of uptempo soul music with a boogie / house back beat. If the kind of groove served up by the recent Function song, "Something About You" is your thing as it is mine then this single is definitely for you! As most house releases these days, it comes with more mixes than you can shake a stick at, and much house music has a massively wide variation in styles of remix to suit the wide variation of dance devotees. Here, thankfully we have five versions all of which are variations on a theme and all excellent. The main difference within the first three cuts is the length of edit. Some, like me, can easily handle a full 9 minutes 35 seconds and others prefer a much shorter version. Whatever floats your bot, therefore, can be found here.

These guys, first and foremost can really sing and they are soulful enough to even command attention from the most conservative listener. The backbeat is what you would expect from, say, Marc Evans, Ron Carroll or Mr Day. If there was a club near me that catered for this kind of groove then I am sure that I would be in there and cutting a rug with the worst! The remix has a lot more by way of percussion instruments and has a great spacey 70s disco feel - recent work from Nick Van Gelder, DJ Man-X and Fred Everything would be great comparisons. I particularly adore the warm Lonnie Liston Smith type of keys..this is dance music that you can FEEL and float away to. The appropriately titled "Get On Up Mix" should appeal to those who loved Ralf Gum's recent floor-filler "Higher High". The bassline is deep and should shake the trousers when played loud in a club. Ah...I remember those days! Seriously, folks, this is a great little ditty and it comes highly recommended even from this old grump.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe