Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Shayna Steele - I'll Be Anything - 2010 - Yonas Media

Moby says of Shayna Steele: "What an amazing voice; sounds like she should have been making disco records in 1978, which to me is the highest compliment I can pay a singer". End quote! Well, I am pleased that Moby has a real ear for vocal talent and he certainly chose a great voice in Shayna Steele for his hit singles "Disco Lies", "Raining Again" and "Extreme Ways". The Lady certainly possesses a great voice, and on this CD she puts it through various paces and various styles. This, her second release, offers us a set that plays to a multitude of audiences. I suspect that some of this Cd will definitely not be to your taste - and that's OK. It doesn't appeal to me either in places, but I nevertheless appreciate what the lady is doing and that is NOT lowering herself to the R'n'B gutter.

My first pick is a song that renders the album highly essential for this and this alone: "24 hours" is one of the best female soul tracks that I have heard thus far in 2010 and the real, live instruments take us right back to the early 80s...the Tower Of Power styled horns, the Eric Gale stylised guitar and summertime gait really is superb. Miss this song at your extreme peril!!! Please jump to the gorgeous Bossa Nova of "Right On Time" featuring some great percussion courtesy of Michael Spiro! This really is superb. For jazzier heads who love the likes of Lizz Fields then head straight to the beautiful So Real. This showcases a true vocal talent who can tackle soul, jazz, rock, pop and that's what I call versatile! If you have heard the recent Adriana Evans CD then "Different This Time"will really and truly be up your street. I love material like this! The horns add some real punch and the proper, true musicianship here is second to none. I seriously recommend this CD to you and suggest that if you miss this, then you will be dipping out on some fantastic songs.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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