Thursday, 18 March 2010

Soulkiss - Good Intentions - 2010

Soulkiss is a collaborative effort between the superb Tim Dillinger, Kare Alford and David Sosa. A Nona Hendryx song, this little gem deserves to receive as much airplay as possible. It's a great melting pot of sounds. The vocal interplay is as strong as any Gospel collaboration you are likely to hear, and there is a throwback to the Temptations a la Eddie Kendricks and "I Can't Get Next To You" as well as a heavier guitar element that we would come to expect from the Nona Hendryx camp. These guys have an album coming out soon and as a precursor to that this should whet the jolly old appetite somewhat! I have played this numerous times now and it has grown on me a great deal on each play.
Tim Dillinger is an artist of great integrity, a depth of soul and real attention to musical detail. This man does not fail to impress me on any point.

The atmosphere is not set in today's hippity-hoppity style. It's a warm, encompassing sound. The warm rhodes at the start lay the foundations, the Stax-style guitar and drums lavish us with more comfort to the senses and the high register of Tim Dillinger evokes memories of the classic falsetto groups of the late 60s and early 70s Philly era. The musicianship is real, the energy is tangible, the vocals passionate and perfectly harmonious. I cannot wait to hear the full album and know full well that these guys will sneak in more than their fair share of killer cuts and standouts. As we continue into 2010 it's warming to hear more new music that takes us back to a friendlier it yester-new if you will. Great work, fellas! Keep it coming. Available to download from Amazon right now!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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