Thursday, 8 April 2010

BMP - Loc It Up - 1985 / 2010 FunkyTown Grooves / Columbia

"Loc It Up" was an album that, for some reason, I had completely overlooked in the 1980s. Forgive me, though, as we all know only too well that there was sooo much great music about and so little money to spend one can be forgiven for not buying everything! Fans of the mid 80s soul groove will really love this, and I am sure that many of you will have the set on vinyl at any rate. Well, discard that obsolete and cumbersome medium and rejoice in a properly mastered release courtesy of Sony US and Funky Town Grooves. I am a real sucker for the 80s, and a fairly big chunk of my heart resides there still, harbouring from the confusion and madness of the 190s if the truth be told! For me, this album is worth every penny - especially for the title track which breezes along beautifully as only a 1985 midtempo can, and it also benefits nicely from some splendid sax courtesy of Darryl Foster. The funkier, synth filled "Let Me Be The One" is glorious and features a strong funky guitar line that is straight out of the Slave style. Great stuff indeed.

As far as I am concerned the set's ballads are the weaker of the cuts. The dancers certainly win the day and I have to say that the two ballads are bit to nondescript, but no matter when we have songs such as "Let's Party". This reminds me of a Dazz Band effort - not one of their finest efforts mind, but definitely in that bag. The Slave guitar line also features strongly in "Let Me Show You", and those superb 80s keys play an integral part too - irresistible! "Joyful Occasion" owes much of it's appeal to a great Rhodes keyboard sprinkling as well as a healthy dose of slap bass. Sad, when you hear this, to think that the vast majority of what we bravely call today's R'n'B artists probably don't even know what a musical instrument is! "How Bad (Do You Want It)" almost harks back to the late 70s and Webster Lewis or Splendor spring to mind. I am so pleased that albums like this are seeing the light of day on CD and in such great quality too. More, more, more!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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