Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Cool Million - Going Out Tonight: The Tom Moulton Session - 2010 - Sedsoul

There is nothing negative I can say about the wonderful duo Cool Million. So, when I tell you that this CD far and above surpasses the original album I mean absolutely nothing derogatory to Frank Ryle or Rob Hardt. Tom Moulton is a real soundsmith...a true craftsman as well as a genuinely nice guy and what he has here is taken 10 mouth-watering soul pieces and has done what I could not have though possible...exulted them to another more divine 80s soul level! I love how Tom Moulton works...rarely do we get a complete re-work, but he feels the rhythm and gets within the layers to augment, enhance and showcase areas and segments that benefit from his excellent judgement and keen ear. This he has elevated to another level on this CD. It's almost like listening to a NEW Cool Million CD...all the songs are still very familiar and loveable yet they are so...different!

A lot of time and love seems to have gone into this project and my gut feeling is that Tom and the guys have hit it off on many levels. This is great news and long may it continue. Albums like this make me feel so good, and after a crabby day at work this is the ultimate panacea. For me at any rate! A few songs I have already reviewed as a 12" single release last year, and these are here in full CD glory, and if those songs - "Give Me My Love" and "Lift Me Up" - were enough to make your mouth water then the other 8 tracks are going to SLAY you! Tom's magic wand has made me sit up and notice songs that I had not picked up on so much as I ought to, and his inspired work on "Pulling Me Back" has been seriously extended and has added 80s spices thrown in for good measure. Oh, there is nothing I can say about this album bar it is a real must and an essential purchase. How anyone can limit themselves to the 60s, 70s etc alone and overlook material like this is totally beyond my ken. No mucking about here...just order one today!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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