Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Heart 2 Heart Band - Mind Your Business - 2010 - Dream City Records

The Persuaders meets Ronnie McNeir meets Lou Wilson! How does that sound?! Well, to me that sounds just like the Heart 2 Heart Band. By the way, these are not the fellas that scored the music for the popular '70s TV show of the same name either! The set is one that lovers of real soul, southern soul and an endearing, independent sound will warm to. There is, I am sure, something for everyone on here. I am comfy with all styles and even though it is not up with the major studies as far as recordings go, this is by no means cheap or shoestring by any stretch of the imagination. For my ears and my particular taste I can heartily recommend "Let's Build A Castle" for it's sheer soulfulness, high quality and spot-on musicianship and vocals. Joining Bobby James, Gary Hardwick and Frank McKinney is the delightfully fresh Sarah Rucker on vocal chores here, and what a great singer she is too - if we could hear more of this sexy, dynamic and exiting vocalist the better! Fans of Willie Clayton and Floyd Taylor will instantly slip into the flavour of "Mind Your Business", and the powerful, raspy-edged vocals hark back to the great 70s vocal groups such as The Persuaders. This is a really nice track and starts the album off on the right note.

"Back In The Day" may be a bit on the well-trodden path lyrically but I totally fall into line with the sentiments of the song and how it describes how music was better 'back in the day'. Totally concur, gents. Better still is "So Sexy" with a really nice deep bassline and synth that overlays it. Jeff Floyd is a good comparison to make on songs like this - especially his "Changing Time" set in mind. "She's Gone" is another great little number and not far removed from the material on the last studio album from Ray, Goodman and Brown. I also would like to draw your attention to the contemporary tapper "Going Thru Some Thangz" - I am especially enamoured by the vocal harmonies here - the chorus is really hook-driven and thus memorable. I find myself humming this section. How many modern tunes make you do that?! Exactly! Not many! A very warm and inviting album, this, and one that may be overlooked. And that would be very unfortunate indeed. check it out.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe