Thursday, 17 June 2010

Drizabone Soul family - All The Way - 2010 - Dome Records

What a real and genuine pleasure to have a brand new Drizabone album delivered to us, and one that is crammed full of brilliant dancers and midtempos. There's a remake - yes another! - of their early 90s hit, "Real Love", plus ten other jams that all slot into place into today's wonderfully vibrant US / Europe scene...80s flavours, Modern flavours and even some 60s flavours too! There 's a wonderful pot-pourri of sounds abound the market place today and a style to suit everybody...Drizabone cleverly and expertly capitalise on this and do what they have always done best - deliver the goods. Almost 20 years on stage and in the studio, Drizabone launch their latest set with the BRILLIANT "Never Stop The Groove" - something that stands as testament to their longevity and appeal. This boogie tune is US sounding and straddles the classy Y2K UK Soul groove sound as well as a classic US early 80s flavour. This, folks, is superb and the more material I hear like this the better. Akon anyone? No, thought not.
The early / mid 60s swayer "I Fell Apart" could almost be an inclusion on, say, Jackie Ross' awsome "Full Bloom" album - or even on a side by Patrice Holloway. Simply put, it's a blinding track and lovely to have such contrasting grooves sat side by side on one album. Fans of their superb "Shining Star" track will easily feel warmth towards the boogie-times sounding "No More Sorrow", and what a corker this track is. Brilliantly delivered with real soul and real instruments! Check out the zingy strings!!! The breezy and summery "Girlfriendz" contains some brilliant guitar work that we have been used to on early 80s efforts, so it will come as no surprise that I love this to bits. And look...more strings! Having more strings than a Gerry Anderson production, you will love the aura of this album. The only thing marring the set for me is a persistent 'vinyl crackle' effect...AAAARGH! If you repress this guys, please kill it!!! If a recording was supposed to sound like that our heroes of old would have either recorded in a chip shop OR employed someone to sit by a mike popping bubble-wrap! Moan over!

One of Britian's finest artists, Keni Stevens, pops up on the gorgeous duet "Lovin' U" wonderful to hear this real legend again and I hope that he gets in the studio again real soon to deliver more niceness (facebook me, mate and keep me updated!) You will love this, and also love the summery vibes of the relaxed and chilled "All The Way" vocals and warm breeze melodies will wrap you up and consume you. This is excellent and although I was expecting a cracking set, by the time I reached this point I was totally over the moon at how much better it was that I could have imagined. Brilliant! the 80s again rears it's head with "Slow Luv (All Thru The Night) which would easily sit alongside numerous classics from the early - mid 1980s...this track is heaven!!! With "Real Love" having more incarnations than BBC's popular Doctor Who, it appears here again for 2010 - fresh, re-worked and still owning a great piano line that lazily supports the bassline and freaky 80s keys. What a great ending to a great CD! This release is essential.

Barry Towler

The Vibe Scribe