Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Jesse James - I Feel Your Love Changing / It's Time For Change - 2010 - Soul Junction

Jesse James...a true gentleman, artist, performer and a legend. AND as far as I am concerned any release from this gentleman is more than welcome, even when on a 7" single! Holding one of these is great, though, and one totally understands the sheer joy and nostalgia of the things. It also suits an artist like Jesse James...one can see the Gunsmoke label and it feel right, somehow. This single, the latest in a long-line (I hope!) of releases on this quality label will sure to become yet another collector's item. This single encompasses both old and new sounds from the Great man, and as far as i am personally concerned I plumb for the newer recording. The James and Jennifer McClelland-written "I Feel Your Love Changing" is a mighty fine tune, though and will surely grow on you more and more as you replay this song. Although the date of 2010 appears on the label this is surely a mid 1970s gem and one that I had not heard before. Typical of the man in many ways, and yet again makes me frown as we are treated to a sublime vocal performance from a man who should be a lot more exulted than what he is.

The flip-side is the tune that I really dig, and is an alternative version of the song "It's Time For Change" which can be found on his "Get In Touch With Me" album release. If you like this song then you - like me - will be pleased to know that there are two versions of this available on that particular CD! Felton Pilate of Con Funk Shun fame has had input on that album so I can heartily recommend a purchase on that fact alone! This single, though, offers us a version that is not on the CD, and it's a pity this is not available on CD. The groove is brilliant, and has a flavour of a quality midtempo from the early 1990s. A classy groover, this, and a really righteous tune full of social commentary about today - the time that Jesse James; mother called 'the end of days'. This is one of the best recordings Mr. James had laid down in a long time, and one can tell that Mr. Pilate is in the studio. Well worth a purchase and a song that you will never tire of spinning. Available from all good specialist soul retailers.
Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe