Wednesday, 11 August 2010

David Hudson - The Royal Sessions - 2010 - Soul Junction

You may recall my recent ramblings apropos David's 7" release on Soul Junction - and what a great tune that was! Now we have a full blown album release - admittedly only on vinyl - which you will surely want to own. Fans of this man and the 80s sounds of Willie Mitchell will not want to miss this. Having recorded for Alston and Waylo through the '70s and '80s respectively, David has been relatively quiet of late and this is a shame. This set, dusted off and shown the light of day by the good people at Soul Junction is a set that was shelved at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, and was recorded in the 1989-1990 period. I'm not sure what prevented this release as it would definitely had garnered interest and at a time when vinyl was still - if only just - a popular format. I would not rate it as high as his 1987 Waylo release, "Night And Day", and no tracks stand out anywhere near as much as "Night And Day", "Now That Love Has Gone" or "That's What Dreams Are Made Of" but still wipe the floor with much of today's insipid so-called R&B releases. But being David Hudson, he really doesn't have to try hard to do that as he is what i call a God-given TALENT!!!

The much-vaulted single "(Girl I'm Coming Home To) Something Good" opens up the set and is, for me one on the strongest cuts. Natural then for this to be the good, old-fashioned leader single. Now THAT is what I miss...the header single, giving us a taste of the album, AND from a time where you had only the A and B side...not like nowadays when there are so many versions, remixes and so-on and so-forth where the likes of me gets my appendages well and truly in a twist. The classic sound continues with the summery, swaying "Let's Make Love". David is a strong exponent of the Southern Soul sound and his excited delivery on here is nothing short of superb. The horns punch in a VERY Al Green / Poppa Willie fashion on the serene "You're My Dream Come True" and I suggest that this track is well worthy of purchasing this be it on vinyl, 8-track, wax cylinder or not. I also highly recommend the lovely, brass filled "All My Love". The backing may be programmed but the soul is more than there. This has a definite 1990 feel to it, and this still sounds great today. Please don't overlook this LP. My only wish that this was made available in a format for those like me who have embraced the CD and digital music era. This may appeal to die-hard vinyl buffs who want to keep The Music select and to a small, dwindling tribe, but in my mind it does little for the Artist themselves. But that's just my opinion!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe