Monday, 16 August 2010

Ty causey - Down II Earth - 2010 - Tyvonn

"Down II Earth" rates of the best album yet from the super-cool, mighty confident and ultra-soulful Ty Causey. The musical road that Ty Causey travels is still a very smooth, dependable one and we will all want to keep tagging along, as the set is one that doesn't fail to impress. The journey theme is one that kicks the album off, the sexy and rhythmic "Rocket To The Moon" nods it's head towards Marvin Gaye / Leon Ware's collaborative work as far as harmonies go, and the sweet sax gives us more than a little bit of classic pizazz. we all remember the days when sax played a big part in soul music. Sadly, any form of music with real instruments - sax especially - is, crazily, classed as "Smooth Jazz". NO! This is not smooth jazz - or any kind of Jazz for that matter. If it were smooth Jazz I'd be dribbling down my top in a stupor by the end of track one! LOL. Let's start reclaiming real music and Ty starts off with a cracking reminder that instruments such as sax should - and indeed can be - included in today's R&B. The superb ballad "A Place In Your Heart" makes a real Strong stand and harks back to the early 1990s. His vocal performance really makes it's presence felt and the male backing vocals and bluesy guitar add up to something good and proper too.

A funkier Ty Causey struts his stuff on the title track, a lowdown dirty bassline and flute grace this song, readying itself for the jazzy, sexy and mesmerising "Any Means Necessary". You're gonna love this song - hopefully you have heard this on the radio and have been impressed enough to order a copy of the album. Ty plays with melody intimately here, and there is light and shade, texture and flavour. This song is full-bodied, chunky and extremely toothsome. If this song isn't enough to satisfy your craving for soul food then please check out the luxuriant "Recognise" and the super-cool "Deep Inside"...this has to be one of the classiest, more-ish and delicately sensual song that Ty has laid down and it's full of erotic promise...then we come to the funkier "Living On The Borderline"; a track that offers some real dancefloor appeal. For me, another real highlight is the superb "Start Again" and atmospheric "Love To The Bone" which leads us nicely - and perfectly - to "I Wanna Know About Love". You and me both, Ty. Damned if I understand it - if it actually exists at all! This is yet another strong release for which I have nothing but praise and can therefore heartily recommend a purchase!

Barry Towler,
The Vibe Scribe