Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Invitations - It was A Woman / Heavenly Love - 2010 - Soul Junction

Huge applause to John Anderson and Dave Welding at Soul Junction for this superb 7" which hits the streets on October 11th. I absolutely love it when my favourite artists of yesteryear return strong after almost 4 decades on vinyl with a strong NEW song. Isn't it amazing that great 60s artists are still there and able, in 2010, to deliver the goods. The traditions still stands and they keep the flame of the rich street corner / Doo wop sound burning. This double header is absolutely blinding and the quality of the vinyl is excellent! In fact, it appears to be much better than it was over 20 years ago. Anyway, this is a single that has been cherry-picked from the groups tentative 2009 release "Missing You" which was limited to 100 copies! On the strength of these two songs I would love to hear the rest of that set.

"It Was A Woman" is a no-nonsense slab of REAL, traditional soul in the classic street corner tradition and acts as a much-required reminder to society on the role of women, imploring the listener to respect their mothers and that she should be your number one girl. Much music - loosely coined - is about women as sex objects or toys and it's a necessary statement from the fellas at this time to put a restraining hand up to halt the relentless march of these dullard R&B artists and show them how things are, should be, and how real R&B should be made. For me, though, the flipside is the real strong contender and i was taken aback by the sheer quality and contemporary feel. "Heavenly Love" is said track, and I understand that on the album it stands as an this song for the single contains a fully-fledged vocal and it is AMAZING. It has a wonderful vibe that reminds me of Michael Cooper's "Marry Me Again", with a few minor New Jack Swing elements thrown in a la Mint Condition. Vocally this is strong, musically it is superb and I cannot stop playing it. This is a solid, solid release and solidifies further the quality status of Soul Junction records. Essential.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe