Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Marilyn Ashford Brown - Mix 2010 - Ash2Brown Entertainment

This Lady produced a superb set a while ago and now we are treated to a limited edition Mix Cd of five cuts that have been revitalised, remixed and generally sprinkled with uptempo dancefloor magic. The first song is the slamming remix of "I've Got A Feeling". This Burley remix adds some extra percussion, and a slight Salsoul flavour underneath the relentless, pounding bassline. This really does make a great song greater and Marilyn really does carve out a niche for being a strong female soul singer capable of blasting the dancefloor as well as whispering gently through the bedroom. A much improved version, methinks yet without diminishing the strength of the original. The chunky mid '90s flow of "You'll Never Find (Another Love Like Mine)"is a real killer piece of choonage and her vocals strike us swiftly with a heady mix of Patti LaBelle and Stephanie Mills. the groove here is strong, addictive and totally essential!

The house groove of "Respect Me" takes us back to the early 90s and material from, say Loni Clark or CeC e Peniston. Her version of Phyllis Hyman's seminal "You Know How To Love Me" is a strong modern version, although even Marilyn would admit that nothing can better the original version - however good it is, and believe me, this is a very good version! the final offering, "Can You Handle It" owes a lot more to an 80s club sound complete with horns and early 80s styled vocals. This is a cracking track and Marilyn definitely knows how to craft a decent tune for the dancefloor complete with all the intrinsic, essential additions that make a real, proper dancefloor tune...melody, direction, groove, bass and SOUL. Forget all the crass 'club'# stuff pumped out by today's cookie-cutter artists. This track blows them all away and if her voice doesn't then the killer soulful sax blowing on the song will sweep the rest away with ease! We need more artists like this, and certainly more up[tempo soul music of this nature./ Let's grasp the mantle back from the clueless whippersnappers and let's reclaim the dancefloors!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe