Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mighty Men Of Faith - Because He Loves Me - 2010 - N2L Records

Do you remember the brilliant uptempo cut "Are You Ready" by the Mighty Clouds Of Joy back in 1996? Well, if you like that then I'm sure some cuts on here will appeal to your taste. I'm no fan of non-secular material due to it's nature but it doesn't stop me appreciating the strong music and vocals that stand as a musical ministry. These guys have a great, great connection musically and vocally and they approach their music with talent and above all else real conviction. These guys have only been singing together since 2009 where they first performed together at AME Palo Alto's Zion Church for their Men's Celebration day. Honestly, you would think that these chaps had been a unit for decades, not months!!! The set features a few styles that mainly rely on soulful inspirational flavours but there is the odd rap and even an attempt at Reggae! Not this scribes cup of Earl Grey and possibly not yours but it still shows how talented and versatile these fellas are.

The slap bass and freaky keys merge with a trapping beat and freaky keys to make a slammin' uptempo praise cut called "I Feel Satisfied". The vocalist here almost has a Billy Paul feel, and the backing vocals are superb. This song is positive, uplifting and one can tell that their faith means a lot to them and it propels these guys in every way. You will be sure to like this if not love it, and I can easily say the same over the EXCELLENT "Because He Loves Me" which, incidentally, comes in two versions, both of which are superb. The first version is a smoother, more relaxed version with a great spoken intro from The Rev Ed Harris. This sort of song would not be out of place on a Ben Tankard album. My favourite version is to be found at the end of the CD and although without the spoken word, it is a classy affair that defies you not to like it. Even as a screaming Heathen such as myself cannot fail to love this song! The Ronnie McNeir-like "Do You Know Who You Are" is also very impressive, and the harmonies from the guys, especially their smooth Tenors Malvin Scott and Vales Crossley are especially worthy of a mention. This is a worthy release and is so recommended for the above songs!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe