Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dr E - Elevated - 2010 - Give Us Free Records

Dr E is a relative newcomer on the scene yet carries with her a wealth of experience that is indeed enviable in today's climate of ever-younger, mass-produced and incision-sharp marketing techniques. With a pretty countenance, a vocal style that leans towards the Erykah Badu / Billy Holliday school of vocals and abundant with a sense of fun, grace and sass we have a set that works on the party areas of the soulful brain as well as giving us a jazzy twist and element of stylistic swish! I warn you that some songs may not be immediate, and that's OK - we are conditioned these days as we live in a time of immediate gratification. Songs such as "Dance To My Song" when given a few spins edge under the radar and hit home. This, to me, is clever and a sign of something and someone with a little more to offer than many today. "Halle Berry" for instance is a lovely sax-filled swayer that is clever in picking up the down-to-earth themes that India.Arie is so good at and, let's face it, tells things as they are. Dr E is one of those artists who scribes a good song and lays it down on the line. Doing this soulfully and with class is a good thing and you will not be disappointed!

"Elevated" deals with positivity and espouses, in a funky, slow and bluesy way the old adage that change comes from within. the greatest soul sings - mayfield, Brown, Franklin - all knew about this and instead of chundering on about bling, cars, the club or getting down in bed, Dr E offers real insightful stuff here and having worked through this painful process myself, I can really and wholeheartedly understand this groove and where she is coming from. Who said wisdom no longer flourishes? Having already alluded to stylistic breadth, fans of acoustic guitar and a rootsier sound will soon pick up on "Your Everything". How simple a song can be with a good voice and an acoustic guitar! I think I can see Dwayne Wiggins and Sheree Brown smiling. I certainly smiled when I took a listen to "Walk This Road". The sax here is delicious and the feel reminds me, slightly of The Temptations "This Is My Promise". Easily my favourite song, this song oozes superior style and effortlessly and, for me, makes the purchase of this CD a must on this and this alone. fear not though - check out more songs such as "Good Girl Down" and the sultry sax-drenched "Giving My Life To You". Tasty stuff and more than worth a purchase for these alone. Recommended.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe