Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Winston Ward - The Warmth Of Of Your Love - 2010 -

This man is no stranger to us, and if you have rightly supported the excellent trio, Lov'N'It over the past year then you are indeed already familiar with this man's silky, soulful delivery. Having worked within the music scene here in the UK over the past 14 years, Winston has garnered a lot of kudos and respect and so smoothly steps out , carrying the torch for UK soul music with this, his new single "The Warmth Of Your Love". Available to download from iTunes, this comes in two versions: a shorter edited version and an extended mix. Of course, where quality is concerned we are not left wanting and what I'll do here is focus on the extended version which I think will be the version we will all plumb for.

This is, by definition a Soulful House track. I know that many have yet to dip their toes into the House Music scene, but should those brave enough do so they will be wonderfully surprised at the sheer talent of the artists and songs that they will find there. Many new US House songs come complete with strings, horns and a real boogie / disco flavour, compounded with warm 70s keys and THAT resounding beat. Along comes Winston from jolly old Blighty and adds a little more magic to that genre with his fine uptempo offering. From the rattling bongos, Brazilian party whistle and classic hi-hat house beat a la Sterling Void / CeCe Rogers Winston Ward throws in some warm Lonnie Liston Smith styled keyboards, flanged vocals and real soulful vocals that our very own Omar would be proud of. This isn't bass heavy, and my only criticism - IF you can call it that - is that it needs a bit more oomph in the bass department. That aside, soulful vocals, soulful instrumentation and the racing hi-hat make this a dancefloor bubbler of excellent proportions. G’wan! Head over to iTunes and download now! A real joyful song and highly recommended!

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe