Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cool Million / Tom Moulton Mixes - Laura Jackson - Lift Me Up / C.J. Anthony - Give Me My Love

I was so, so impressed by the album, released on Expansion, last year and now we have a brilliant, brilliant double-header lifted from the album and released on 12” remixed by the legendary Tom Moulton. I have always loved and respected Tom's work and what he does here is take two great songs and stamp his trademark on them. “Lift Me Up” has been revamped and sounds a lot clearer and has a more punchy bassline. The groove is extremely recognizable but with less synths and more emphasis on darting strings. The track, for me is a lot stronger than the album mix and is a real no-brainer when coming to click for a purchase. Such a classy, classy mix. C.J. Anthony's blinding “Give Me My Love” is hard to beat so there is, for me, little room for improvement. The sound here is sharper, slicker and a shade more textured. I love this version too, and it;s a lovely side order to the main meal of album. Tom Moulton, now 60, still kicks ass in the remix stakes and has lost none of the fire that he possessed during the 70s. I am so pleased that Frank Ryle and Cool Million have utilized this great Man's talents here and now in 2009. Also check out what he's done to First Choice's version of “Love And Happiness”! Superb! Cool Million are going to be about for a long time and the door is open for a whole new generation of listeners to discover the brilliance of 70s and 80s soul and dance with a modern twist. Laura Jackson and her “Lift Me Up” should get some serious butt moving and I for once, given a chance, will let my hair down and join 'em. The good old days are back again.

Barry Towler