Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Trish Andrews - These Five Words - 2009 - Trish Andrews

In quite a brave, early move Ralph Tee has labelled this album as THE album of 2009. Well, we have 10 more months to sift through yet BUT you have to admit that this is a set of immense value and is certainly the strongest CD on the market at the moment by a long chalk. The quality of Trish Andrews' debut set is one of the highest calibre. Trish is a fine, fine singer and has written all of these songs herself, and along with the familiar Rodney Shelton has dished up soul food to serve up on any occasion. The album does not go above midtempo level, which suits me, and manages not to fall into a well-trodden, monotonous path as a result. This is the sort of quality we would have bought in the late 80s or earl-mid 1990s, so to have it here today in 2009 is heartwarming. The album first came to my attention thanks to Ralph's Sunday afternoon show on Jazz FM, and my old ears pricked up straight away. The strengths of this CD is legion. The only down side is the inclusion of a few rap asides which are a deviation from what the CD is about. What is definitely in my "Comfort Zone" is the first track of the same name!

This is quality independent soul that meets the quality of the majors head on. A silky mid tempo offering complete with real instrumentation and fine backing singers, this is a real must. "On My Mind" is heavily piano-led with great wah-wah in the mix, reminding me of the classy material from Margi Coleman's classy 1995 CD. The tittle track owes more to early 80s soul than Y2K, albeit a little more stripped down, and the Rhodes-filled "You Know What You Do To Me" bounces along with a skip and clap beat, gorgeous keyboard and a definite summer vibe. I have to say that one of my standout cuts is the ethereal and sunny "Can't Keep Running". The live drums, guitar and synth are a perfect backdrop to Trish's beautifully rich, quavering vocals. Quality soul and then some! "Feels Like Heaven" reminds me a little of Marion Meadows' "Miss Know It All", and the seductive "Makin' Love" is catchy and very 90s. styled in a Sandra St. Victor mode! When I heard "Always" on Ralph's show I knew I had to own this CD. Simply beautiful and a real persistent 80s groove packed with real instruments, this song will be a favourite of mine for many years to come. I am sure at the close of 2009 this will still be a stand-out CD.

Barry Towler
The Vibe Scribe

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