Monday, 23 February 2009

Liquid Spirits - Music

This is a CD I heard MONTHS ago, and my grubby little mitts have been eager to grab hold of a copy this. This CD is a real musical tour de force, and a really soulful step forward. I liken this CD in many ways to the equally essential Jazzanova CD. What two wonderfully crafted and timeless albums presented here, and both are a real must-have for Christmas. In fact, you will be savouring these CDs for MANY years to come. I cannot fault this album, and if you are a fan of the legendary Leon Ware then you should simply order a copy blind. It contains his best work for some time, and in conversation with the great man, discovered that he had actually written the “Melodies” composition a few days astride the events of 9/11. This song is simply mouth-watering. I cannot emphasise how wonderful it is. Leon is definitely a Master of romance and the warm, gentle and oh-so-lush real musical backing is sympathetic to his cause. A perfect recording, simply put. This ballad is a killer, and the uptempo material also causes a similar stirring of my passion. “Say It Isn't So” full of tight, real instrumentation is a real deal-clincher and I dare anyone not to hear this and break out in a big smile. Yes, this is the real deal folks. Don't soul music make you feel so darn good?!
“A Little More” is a real monster – haunting, warm and very summery. This is simply wonderful music. The track that is seriously powerful in a musical sense is “Closing Time”...the groove builds up in only a way someone with the stature of Dexter Wansel could normally pull off! Jazzy, powerful and totally beyond reproach, this cut really takes the biscuit. It builds up, slowly and surely into a really spectacular BIG effort full of soul and emotion. What a treat songs and albums like this are! That's not all. “Closing Time Duet” soon follows and totally floors you. When you think that the CD cannot get any better it does! Phonte, who you will recall from Jazzanova's set comes in on a rap tip with the KILLER mellow rap cut “If You Don't Love Me”. If only all rap couldn't be like this. Total quality guaranteed! The short and sweet “Stepney” will definitely be a winner for you; a tribute to the late genius, Charles Stepney, and one he would be oh so proud of. I can also heartily recommend the 70s inspired “Music” which almost has a Norman Connors or Herbie Hancock feeling – it really is that good! Melodee features on “No One”, and the breezy Sheree Brown type guitar bodes well. The Latin “Sacred State Of Mind” is a wonderful piece from the first moment, and I cannot find fault with “Higher Ground” or the fusion of “Heaven” either. Let's get down to brass tacks. This CD is ESSENTIAL. Along with Jazzanova is one of the cream albums of 2008. Miss this at your peril.

Barry Towler