Monday, 23 February 2009

Gregory Mirac G. Washington - Capitulation

Gregory may look similar to a certain R Kelly, but that's where the similarity ends! Not knocking dear old Bobby at all, but this gentleman has a much greater repertoire and range and seems to be able to turn his hands to anything, proven by this eclectic and varied album. “Capitulation” is an odd title for an album, and the cut itself explains the raison d'etre for this and the funky rhythm, funky horns and guitar are very well employed on this. This is good, if a step to the left, but my favourite track from this native of Minneapolis is the SUPERB “My Answer's No”. This is superb – the instrumentation is tight, spot on and as real as a snowball stuffed down your trousers! Like a cross between The Ohio Players and 90s act Front page, this is a real treat. “U Still Love Me” works well as a ballad and is almost from the same mould as Eric Benét's “Hurricane” CD.
“Creep'n Don't Pay” is a bit on the rocky side but not at all unpalatable for my taste, and t5he rock guitar is quite impressive – me liking that sort of thing as well, y'see!From this we shift gear and do a complete U-Turn for a really smart Sam Cooke type moment with “Nothing Can Change This Love”. The very rocky “Gonna Get It” is also very funky in an Undisputed Truth fashion, and almost has a Glam Rock 70s feel to it – a song that may not resonate with a lot of readers, but one that I am really comfy with. A more fitting track for these pages is “The Blues” which is almost Tony Toni Toné in style. Vocally Gregory is very much on form and there is almost a Prince feel to his performance. If you like something different with a bit of spice and variety then Gregory's your man!

Barry Towler